Woe is Me – Shii Ann is Gone


I have entered into a week of mourning. My shining light, my beacon of hope, my reason for living had her fire extinguished and I sit here stunned, silent, alone, wallowing in the emptiness of my thoughts.

Actually, it really isn’t THAT bad. I mean, sure Shii Ann was a beauti’licious woman with intelligence and wit that I just entirely loved. I have even said that the show could be just her and I’d be entirely happy. I meant this. But let’s be a little realistic. Worshiping someone on a TV show is a little whacked.

I liked her, though. I liked her a lot and this was clear in my writings. I even received emails from people offering their condolences. Here’s one of them:

I feel your pain.
This was just as bad as the Dentist in Africa and the Pilot last time out.
Hope things are well for you,

I really liked how he said, “Hope things are well for you.” He cares.

I also received many emails suggesting that I should miss the show more often, that what I made up was far better than anything that actually happened. (If you missed my last recap, you should read at least the first part where I totally made up crap based on episode screen captures.) Maybe I’ll do it again in the future, but not with this episode because I’m in mourning.

Moving on (but not forgetting)…

Post Tribal Council Sadness
Erin discusses how difficult it is to vote off people that they’ve formed bonds with. Then she details how she’s going to keep her eye on Shii Ann and Ken, two people she doesn’t know or trust all that well.

After tribal council, sitting next to the campfire, Ken and Shii Ann recall some moments with Robb. Ken told Shii Ann that the reason why Robb got “all pissy” to Ken was because Penny told Robb that Ken had lied to him.

While they’re talking, we are shown night vision Discovery Channel moments – a snake creeps down a tree, a rodent-ish, raccoon-type of an animal peaks over a log.

Do the cameramen have night vision glasses? Do they spot these things with their cameras? And how do they not get all freaked out by actually being able to see all that’s lurking around them in the darkness?

Ken and Shii Ann realize that Penny is sneaky, that “she’s playing hardball.” Ken knows about her manipulative ways, and he’s concerned that when they go into the merge, because he’s so strong, he’s going to be a huge target. Slowly we see the negativity building towards the ever-silent, brooding Penny. In fact, Jeff Probst said in a radio interview to watch the next Survivor and watch Penny. Since she knew she could have been the one voted off, she does “something.”

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