Turning to a Program Outside the Home


It can happen that to get your child back, you may have to send her away first, said Maxym. When kids are so completely given over to defiance, out-of-control behavior and self-destruction, she advises parents on which programs to consider when staying home is no longer the best option.

Somersault at Adelaide Festival Centre


International Day for People with Disabilities is coming up on Saturday Dec 3rd, and there are a number of celebrations happening around town.

The Somersault Creative Village Installation and its front line performance program is huge and happening in our premier Arts venue, the Adelaide Festival Centre, in conjunction with the Adelaide Festival Centre Trust. This unparalleled program will include the latest and evolving Seetainer Creative Village Installation, along with Adelaide’s top disability arts ensembles and groups. Throw in puppets, robots, Latin dancing, Adelaide’s top Afro-funk band and you start to get the flavour of this unique event.