Preparing Baby’s Siblings


What can I do to include them?

There are many ways to include your older children and make them feel a part of your pregnancy and birth. Here are some, shared by Moms Online members:

Summer’s Almost Here Get Out the Bike


Bicycling can be a very enjoyable sport and a great physical exercise. But you need to make sure you come prepared. Riding in the hot sun for long periods of time can deplete your body of valuable nutrients and can cause dehydration.

Environmental Hazards


Many environmental agents can cross over the placenta and affect the fetus. Substances in the mother’s blood are readily transferred from the mother’s uterine arteries, across the placental membrane, into the baby’s umbilical vein, and then to the baby’s entire body. Though research has been done on chemical effects on fetal development and birth defects, no solid conclusions have been made about specific chemicals causing birth defects. Still, it’s a good idea to avoid environmental hazards when possible in order to provide the safest conditions for your baby.

You can protect the health of your unborn child by avoiding hazardous chemicals in drinking water , food, air, and home and work environments. Wash fruits and vegetables to remove pesticides and filter your drinking water if you know or suspect it might contain lead or high amounts of chlorine.