Successful Independence Does not Happen Overnight


Children learn to make responsible choices by practicing with small ones from the time they are toddlers. Adolescence is a time that this drive for independence becomes very strong, but the teen is not ready for full self-reliance. As a parent it is important to give the choices when appropriate. Try letting them choose which chores they will do each week. Praise them when they have completed them on time and for being accountable.

Teaching Your Children Healthy Habits


As a parent, it’s your responsibility to help your kids establish healthy habits from an early age. Below are some tips from Lawrence Balter, a professor of applied psychology at New York University who is currently heading up “Starting From Scratch,” an educational campaign that helps parents teach kids healthy habits.

When Kids Get Lost


My 4-year-old is friendly and outgoing. He talks to everyone and wants to see everything when we are out in public. I’ve nearly lost him twice while shopping. What do I do?