ACL Injury and Prevention, Part 2


Injury Prevention

While I researched prevention on the Internet, I found hundreds of sites filled with detailed descriptions of the reconstruction surgery, I found very little on preventative training. Most of what I did find consisted of detailed explanations of how to fall when skiing or the advice to avoid injury-causing situations.

Stronger Back and Leaner Body


Moves, tips and treatment options to keep your back pain-free for life

Get a Stronger, Sexier Backā€”in Seven Easy Steps

Healthy, pain-free backs don’t just happen. As we age, a lifetime of bad posture and too much sitting catches up with us, weakening some muscles while causing others to tighten. Every back can benefit from a regular exercise program that restores strength, keeps the spine flexible and maintains the natural curves of the neck and middle and lower back. Doing the seven exercises in the The Stronger, Sexier Back Workout will train the muscles that surround your back to build a natural corset, stabilizing the spine. These moves will also stretch tight, overused muscles, allowing you to move with less strain. Warm up first with 10 minutes of brisk walking, cycling or light jogging, and perform the exercises slowly and with control. Do this routine two to three times a week.