A Prophylactic for Migraine Headaches, Part 2



Feverfew belongs to the family Asteraceae and in modern botanical literature is referred to by Tanacetum parthenium. It is an aromatic perennial that grows from 20 to 60 centimeters tall, has greenish yellow two- to five-lobed leaves and flowers that resemble those of chamomile. It is a native of Europe and was naturalized in North and South America in the nineteenth century. It should be noted that there are at least three different chemotypes of this species, two of which do not contain the purported active principle parthenolide.

Facement and Dilation


Your uterus is a multi-faceted system, with specially designed processes all functioning together to make the most efficient delivery possible. In order for your baby to be born vaginally, there must be enough room so he or she can exit the uterus. This is made possible in part through the two processes of effacement and dilation.