Preparing Baby’s Siblings


What can I do to include them?

There are many ways to include your older children and make them feel a part of your pregnancy and birth. Here are some, shared by Moms Online members:

My husband is a truck driver and was on the road when I found out I was pregnant. I had to tell someone so I told my daughter. She was thrilled!

We started thinking about names together and what names she would like to call “it”. We had discussed Kendall, when I asked her what would be a good middle name she said “stick”. (We are from SC, so w/ her accent it sounded like candlestick.)

We went to the library to check out all the books and movies on becoming a big sibling. We read a lot in those eight months.

We took our daughter to the Mommy’s Having a Baby class at the hospital.

Before we knew for sure which hospital we were going use, we toured both hospitals together and discussed which one she thought would be a good one for her sibling to be born in. Luckily our doctor had privleges at both.

I took her to the hospital for a check with me and she was able to hear the heartbeat. That’s all we heard about for weeks.

She used to sit in front of me and sing to the baby and tell it stories every day. Especially when it started to kick.

We moved her into her own room and bought her a bunk bed she had previously picked out. She helped pick out the theme for the nursery and helped decorate it.

We had scheduled a c-section for two days after Christmas, so the night before we had to go to the hospital we all packed our bags, including a fun bag for our daughter with things to do while mommy & daddy were in surgery.

I collect Precious Moments and had bought her the figurine that has a little girl holding her new baby sister. She loved it.

We bought a Fisher Price camera for my son, it is a real camera that uses 110 film and is designed for kids – has handles on each side to help steady the camera and the view finder is for both eyes. He thought he was so grown up taking pictures of the baby just like everyone else. The best part was that he got some of the best pictures of the baby in the hospital!

To help prepare him we bought our son a “cabbage patch” newborn doll which came with a newborn hat, onesie and diaper, and a play-bottle of formula. We talked about changing the baby, how to gently hold the baby, and even showed him where the new baby would sleep. It went over very well and now both boys still occasionally hold “Baby Luke” the doll.

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