Port Orleans Resort – Riverside, Alligator Bayou Section, Part 2


My husband and I enjoyed a lovely stay in the Bayou section. Our room was on the second story in building 24 (room 2440 to be exact). We found this to be an ideal location, as we had only a quick stroll to either one of the quiet pools or to the bus stop. This room was also a “corner room” which gave us the benefit of having two windows as opposed to one. This makes the room feel more spacious and airy. The rooms are not large (at around 314 square feet), but we found our room to be quite comfortable and cozy.

Our room had two double beds and a trundle bed. However, trundles are not available in every room. If you are seeking one, you must request it in advance. The trundle comes at an additional charge. Our room also contained a safe, two pedestal sinks (outside the bathroom), an armoire with television, a night stand with lamp, a faux steamer trunk, two chairs, and a small table.

On the down side, transportation options are limited at this resort. So, without your own vehicle, bus service is the most viable option to most destinations. However, a boat does provide service to Downtown Disney.

Despite the lack of transportation options, we felt the bus service was very efficient. We never waited more than 10 minutes or so for a bus on any given day. There are five bus stops between the Riverside and Port Orleans sections. But due to the number of individual stops, this could warrant “standing room only.”

The food court has a very good selection of foods to choose from. We ate a few breakfast meals and at least one lunch there. Being a vegetarian, and a picky-eater at that, I still found many items to choose from. I particularly enjoyed their pasta and breadsticks. Yummy! But I must forewarn you; this place can be very hectic in the morning. If you are planning to eat breakfast here, I would HIGHLY recommend eating before 8:30 a.m. or risk a real mob scene. I guess word travels fast when there is good food to be found.

The grounds of this resort make for lovely strolling by day or by night. For an especially peaceful and pretty walk, I would recommend a stroll along the river between the French Quarter and Riverside sections. The foliage, the big old trees, the river, and the overall quiet calm here can make you feel “transplanted.”

It’s almost hard to imagine you’re actually in a theme park. This charm is further enhanced by the quaint hand-painted wooden signs reminiscent of days gone by.

All that being said, on a scale of 1 to 10, I would rate this resort as an 8. It had enough amenities to spark my interest coupled with a very a reasonable rate. I felt at home in this most hospitable place. In addition, I encountered some of the friendliest Cast Members (Disney-language for staff) in all the “World.” I would recommend this resort to anyone seeking a good value with many “deluxe-like” perks.

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