Meditation. Part 2


It tells you different things for calming yourself and for energizing yourself. There is a section on food for thought and fueling your body and mind. To get the complete ways of living healthy not only do you have to learn the mind-body connection but to refuel your body and to live healthy you need to make sure you are eating healthy too. Good nutrition goes along with good mind power, because what you eat also effects your brain. There is a section on Rx: medication. Meditation doesn’t exactly heal, but it can help remove some of the obstacles that may be keeping your body from healing itself. I have asthma and I get sick often from it and it has alot to do with stress issues and changes that go on around me such as: weather, life in general, pollution, etc. and I found out in this section of the book that meditation can help ease anxiety, which in turn can help ease bronchial constriction. Also, because stress increases your respiration rate, forcing your lungs to work harder, stress management is important for lung problems.

By doing breathing techniques and meditation it describes, how I can cut back on being sick and learn to control my asthma with it. That in itself means a great deal, because as the book says, and through experience I know that not being able to get enough air in and out is a very scary thing. There are also meditation ways of spiritual travel were you find a place you would like to see in the world and find out information about it and combine your next vacation with a pilgrimage and find a couple of meaningful places there and it could result in the best vacation you have ever had, for example: muslims go to Mecca at least once in there lives, etc. There is a section were it tells how you can meditate with a partner and how you exchange energies while you meditate with each other and how it effects the two of you and how you can feel two become one through the meditation process. It can also help in relationship wise as well as through the meditation process. There is also a section on reincarnation and the meditation you can do to find out who you were and what year it was.( if you believe in reincarnation, you might be interested in this part of the book.)

I would recommend anyone to read this book because it gives alot of information and you get alot of insight from it. My feelings and how the book impacted me is: -It got my interest because there are so many different meditations to pick from, but I was most interested in the spiritual one and the labyrinth has my interest too. -I felt good knowing that you can improve your life and learn different things to be stress free and be able to relax and actually have a calm and happy life all you have to do is take the steps to make it happen and keep up with it once you start with it. -I realize that I would like to learn more because my feelings with this book and what I experienced at the October Expo I went to made me feel good about myself, and all the positive energies that comes from these things is great. – I read this book and did some of the lessens and some of the exercises and meditation techniques and felt good after and I learned alot of things about myself that I might of already knew about but nev er paid attention to, so it was in my subconscious locked away and when you do some of these things you connect your subconscious with the things about yourself that might not of come out and would still bother you until you got through to them and understand them. That’s where the dream meditation comes in. -With the spiritual meditation I got to release feelings of : being hurt, anger, sadness, forgiveness( for peace of mind within myself), stress and then I was finished I had some emotions to deal with and then had a calming feeling and I felt lot better about myself and looked at things differently then I did before hand. I will keep trying the meditation process and try to make a better life and be happy.

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