Meditation. Part 1


Meditation has several different ones to try and different positions to sit,stand, or lay in, you pick what’s comfortable for yourself and what one most interests you. There is spiritual meditation which I think I connect with the best, you can sit, lay, walk or stand while doing this one and you pick anywhere you want to try it.

Examples: home, outside, etc. Meditation helps with a variety of things from clearing your mind, your breathing, your health, Its all up to the individual to continue the practice and start to feel better and make the right choices for themselves and the will power and the effort to start something like this and continue it and make a better life and hopefully find the peace and calmness you are looking for, and that it just comes natural and gives you a different outlook and gives you the feeling of relaxation and calmness some people are looking for. You can distress yourself which leads to fewer illnesses and to a healthier life. You start out doing a little at a time and work you r time up to as much as you would like and as many times a day as you want or feel you may need. You learn about meditation and the body chakras and the different meanings and what they do for you. You can learn about Auras and their colors and what they mean too.

There is a Aura meditation exercise you can do and you can see the aura color a person has and translate that to the person and how they feel and if you should trust the person or if there is something they are hiding from you. It touches base on Natural medicines with the flow of energies such as Reiki, Acupuncture, Biofeedback, and the Therapeutic Touch. There is a section on dreams. Are you the dreamer, or the dream.Its a type of meditation your body does while you sleep, there is a way to find out what is real and how to connect you dreams to your everyday life and make sense from them and learn to connect the mind-body from what your subconscious is trying to tell you from your dreams you have.

You take and make a dream journal. Every morning a s soon as you wake up you write down everything you remember about your dream in detail(if you awaken in the middle of the night write it down right away and then go back to bed)do this for one week and then go back and read your journal and analyze your dreams and compare them to what has been happening in your life and there should be some kind of message that is revealed out of all of this. There are things like taking your time and doing mindful walking for example: natural walks where its peaceful, country walks to see the different areas around you, city walks which can be stimulating to people, sacred walks which are related to religion,(labyrinth-is a sacred walk that has become popular and you walk it at your own pace and everyone has a different result in feelings during and after this walk), Pilgrimage which is completely different kind of sacred walk, its more like a journey. There is an exercising meditation called yoga which frees the mind and at the same time you are keeping fit and flexible and the breathing techniques are important too. This book teaches you what mantras are and has a lesson in it where you learn to make up your own mantras and it teaches the meanings behind what mantra is. It has the self-healing, and the happiness trip, it helps you create and visualize. There is different meditations that create different moods its called aromatherapy and meditation.

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