Interactive profits. Part 2


Debate centering around these products involves whether technology is currently in place to achieve “virtual play,” and whether members will embrace this type of interactivity. The designers of the ICE Station and Sportwall must be confident of the technology’s capabilities to have planned its release. To ignore the influence of the Internet upon both individuals and businesses would be foolish. It’s impossible to go through a day without some report about the Internet. Look at the increased role the Internet now plays in individuals’ personal and business lives. Even those most resistant to change will eventually come around. We saw this happen with the evolution of computers, or more related, with the evolution of computers on fitness equipment, beginning with Life Fitness’ LED console back in the 1980s. As a colleague of mine said, everything members do with equipment is interactive, beginning with pushing the start button on the stair climber. People like to get feedback and to be entertained while they’re exercising.

Systems like Sportwall are designed to earn profits by selling services to members, whereas the ICE Stations are designed to profit from corporate messages. Either way, the new equipment can bring profits into your club. A “different” technology is here, but don’t expect success to happen overnight; success is evolutionary.

A flat improvement just like kitchen remodel project it is a successful and great way to increase value of your home moreover upgrade a room which you use, see each day.

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