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The Legislature of the state of Indiana created the Indiana Comprehensive Health Insurance Association (ICHIA) to offer residents of the state, through the participation of health insurance companies, a program of health insurance. This program is designed for Indiana residents who experience problems in obtaining or keeping health insurance due to a medical condition.

All plans include a PPO feature which takes a 25% penalty for any non-emergency and non-network service.

Eligibility requirements were changed in July 1989 to require only one insurer rejection notice rather than two.


The participant must be a resident of the state.
The participant must have received notification from one health insurer of any one or combination of the following: (1) notice of rejection for similar coverage;

Notice of benefit reduction below the minimum requirements of health insurance in state; notice of premium increase for similar coverage that exceeds the pool rate.

Coverage is also available to those who suffer from conditions listed on the premium rate page without having to satisfy a rejection notice.

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