How to Reface Kitchen Cabinets


Your kitchen can begin to look old and outdated in just a few years. Styles and colors change, and what you liked a decade ago might not be your style anymore. You can achieve a more current look than you have in your kitchen now by refacing cabinets, a much cheaper option than replacing them.

When you remodel kitchen cabinets, you may just repaint the doors and drawer fronts and put on new hardware, or you may strip the cabinets completely and apply some sort of decorative enhancement. You can also replace new cabinet doors with an updated appearance by refacing them.

You can choose to reface your cabinets yourself if you’re handy, or find a reputable company to do the project. Various businesses define cabinet refacing in different ways. While new drawers and doors are constructed for current cabinets in some cases, new veneers and hardware are installed in others. Make sure you have a good understanding of the services offered, as well as the price, when discussing this with a professional.

Should you replace or reface?

For homes constructed more than 30 years ago, you can expect the cabinets to be made of higher quality wood. Most cabinets today are made of combined MDF, particle board, plywood, and wood. This is typical, unless you want to spend extra for custom cabinetry. Older drawers were not installed with glue and staples but with dovetails and rabbets. Sometimes they may be very wide or deep. It can be quite pricey if you are looking for this level of quality. Refacing is something to seriously consider if you have a layout and storage that are adequate.

Any company you choose to do business with will give you an estimate for all the expenses involved in refacing your cabinets. You should plan on obtaining estimates from at least a few businesses to get the best deal. This will give you the opportunity to compare the cost of doing it yourself with hiring a professional.

However, you may find that your current cabinets are low quality particle board covered with cheap vinyl or laminate, in which case it will not be worth the time and expense to refurbish. If your drawers are sticky, your shelves are droopy, and your cabinets are falling apart, they should be replaced. An inexpensive way to give cabinets a face-lift is to simply clean them well and apply new paint. With this information, you can begin budgeting for your kitchen project.

Before speaking to anyone about an estimate, take inventory of your current cabinets. A company may advise you to simply reface your existing cabinets or replace them entirely. It is often a matter of the focus of the company. You will be more resistant to sales pitches that encourage you to purchase unnecessary items or services if you take the time to study your current cabinets closely.

Comparing the costs of replacement as opposed to refacing

The expense to replace cabinets rather than reface them can be very high. Compared to the costs involved in replacing existing cabinets with new ones of similar quality, you will find that refacing can cost 30 to 50 percent less, making it a viable option.

Kitchens usually have about fifteen cabinets. It is easy to see that if a cabinet costs $500, your cabinet cost could easily go over seven thousand dollars. When you make your budget, realize that cabinets and their installation will consume at least half of your budget – maybe a bit more.

When you are figuring out how much your cabinetry will cost, take into account replacing moldings and counter-tops, hardware and veneer choices, and how many cabinets you will need.

Under what circumstances can you do the work yourself?

If you are committed to seeing the job to completion, and have some basic construction skills, you can reface and replace cabinets yourself. It’s easy to find materials and hardware. It is very important to plan well, but once you have, the work is pretty easy. Although you will need to figure in some costs to repair mistakes you may make, it will still be less expensive to do the work yourself in most cases.

If you don’t have to reconstruct cabinets, you can easily and inexpensively perform the work yourself.

You need to be aware of your limitations. If you are able to work carefully and skillfully, there are a lot of advantages involved in doing your work yourself. Even though it may take longer, it will save you money.

Of course, if you aren’t experienced in home improvement projects, it may be worth the extra money to hire someone else.

Times you should find a professional

You will get the job done efficiently and in a cost effective manner if you hire someone with experience and good references. You should really do your homework before hiring someone, which includes getting recommendations, detailed estimates, terms and conditions and guarantees of their work. Not only should you ask for references, but you should ask to see projects that are at least a few months old. Check the seams and edges to ensure that they are still adhering well and won’t come loose.

In an older home, you may find lead-based paint on your kitchen cabinets. If this is the case, be sure the company you go with can contain the particulates and dust that result from the work.

A cabinet that has been badly refaced can look worse than one that has been repainted. Do your research on each business prior to making a commitment and signing anything. While many small businesses are quite reputable, you might encounter some that not only do a poor quality job but also charge you excessively high rates. You will be able to create the kitchen you desire without spending more money than you want to as long as you make the phone calls and conduct the required research.

A flat development just like kitchen remodelers it is a great and successful way to increase cost to your home and upgrade place that your family, you use each day.

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