How to Evaluate Kitchen Remodeling Contractors


Engaging someone to remodel your kitchen is a process that takes time. You must interview and evaluate each potential contractor to find the one that will provide you with dependability, value and attention to detail. The following information will provide you with an idea of how to evaluate kitchen remodeling contractors, and how to choose one that will offer you the best combination of skill and value.


1. Make a list of kitchen remodeling contractors in your vicinity and cross reference them with your state’s Better Business Bureau. Taking this initial step will help you eliminate any dubious contractors, saving you time and future aggravation. A contractor with a bad rating must be immediately discarded. Don’t be swayed to give them an opportunity or you might regret your decision.

2. Make an appointment for each contractor to visit and give you an estimate. This is the only method that will provide you with an accurate idea of how much the remodeling job will cost. In order to provide you with an accurate estimate with regard to labor and materials, contractors must personally view your kitchen. You must get an estimate in writing with a guarantee stating how long it’s valid for.

3. Look to see how long each contractor has been working in the industry. Be leery of new contracting companies that have not been in the field for very long. Although it is certainly possible that a newer contractor will do an excellent job, usually you will be most satisfied with the results when you use contractors who have been in business for a minimum of five years.

4. See if the majority of their jobs were for residential or for commercial properties. Engaging a contractor who is more experienced in residential remodeling rather than commercial remodeling is essential. While some contractors do work in both residential and commercial establishments, you will get the best results when you hire someone who specializes in home renovations, rather than in commercial buildings.

5. Inform them that you will need to review past examples of their work. This is most likely one of the most important steps in engaging and evaluating a kitchen remodeling contractor. When you look at work that they have done in the past, you will get an excellent idea of how good the finished product looks and how much attention they pay to detail.

6. Request referrals from past clients. If they are honest and have a good history, then that shouldn’t be difficult. When you speak to previous customers, you will be able to get a real sense of the contractor’s workmanship and dependability, which is something that you cannot do by merely viewing photos or finished jobs.

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