How to Combat a Receding Hairline and Regenerate Hair


A receding hairline and/or thinning hair can pose an immense drawback to a person’s self-esteem. He chooses a particular style, gets haircuts regularly, then uses shampoo and perhaps gel or mousse on it. You go to great pains to keep it clean and nicely styled. And then it happens: your hairline has receded. You see your hair receding at the temples and thinning on top. The average male takes no action because he presumes that you can’t do anything about the later (or even the earlier) stages of balding! But that is the last thing you should do. Just keep reading! Read further!

What to do:

One: Do something… because that hairline won’t stop receding spontaneously! You have to do something! Unless you are uninterested in bothering with your appearance or feel fine with it, combating a receding hairline requires effort – it takes action!

Two: Since a high DHT level in the body is the condition most often responsible for hair loss in men of the same family, you should get your doctor to prescribe the drug Finasteride or cheap Propecia which lowers the DHT level in a man’s system. See for yourself what happens when you just keep swallowing a single tablet daily. All you do is take a pill daily, and then wait to see what happens.

Three: Rogaine as a Supplement – Aside from Rogaine, otherwise known as Minoxidil, the only other topical hair loss treatment that is proven to regrow hair, as approved by the FDA is Finasteride. In liquid or foam form, Rogaine comes in regular or extra-strength formulas.

Four: Change Your Shampoo Right Now! You may not realize that there are shampoos you can purchase without a prescription which appear to be helpful in staving off baldness, starting with a receding hairline. Some men have said they have stopped losing hair and, in some cases, even had some grow back when they used Nioxin hair products. Consistent use of Nioxin’s conditioning and cleansing products are known anecdotally to have hair loss and regrowth abilities. Making sure that your scalp is conditioned and healthy and removing DHT as much as possible can assist you in your efforts at controlling hair loss.

Five: Comb Your Hair (Using Laser) – Among the latest devices built to remedy hair loss is the laser comb. After being treated with a laser comb, lots of those suffering from hair loss say that they get at least some results with regard to the density and thickness of their hair. The FDA recently gave the nod to a laser comb that treats hair loss. It bears looking into!

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