Health & Fitness Institute. Part 1


Gaining membership to a specific clique, area or club is almost a rite of passage today, whether to a fraternity or sorority, exclusive neighborhood or even afitness facility. Membership to these groups can be gained with changes in social status, family connections or even job advancement, but money will most often do the trick. However, at the Health & Fitness Institute, people need more than just cash flow to become a member. “This facility is unique in the fact that all members must have a quantified risk factor to obtain membership,” explains Health & Fitness Institute director Stephen A. Black. A screening process identifies these risk factors, and to join,members must alsohave a consent form signed by their physician. Black lists obesity, cardiovascular disease, hypertension and hypercholesterolemia as the most common risk factors experienced by members.

Cutting-edge barely begins to describe the Institute’s use of technology to register, track and serve its members. With each visit, members use a central registration number that is tied in to Stamford Hospital’s registration. According to Black, this process simplifies member access and eliminates redundancy, as well as facilitates communication with referring physicians. “All software, from initial intake to the delivery of service, is cross populated,” says Black. “We have developed proprietary links that allow information to be shared between software, [which] facilitates operations and minimizes errors — all to the benefit of the member.” FitLinxx technology facilitates member utilization, exercise prescription and communication, and management uses Aspen systems for facility operations.

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