Health. Breakup Girl to the Rescue. Part 2


Breakup Girl to the Rescue!, Harris’ latest endeavor is what she considers a, “collector’s edition of the Breakup Girl website.” While the book mirrors the themes and the format of the website, featuring comic strip pieces and letters which Harris answers with her usual witty tone, Harris points out that the material is unique to the book, not taken from the site.

Health. Breakup Girl to the Rescue. Part 1


Superhero, website guru, author, an animated series, a live TV spot and…stand up comedienne? Lynn Harris, Breakup Girl’s alter ego manages all this and took the time to talk to Alice about her new book Breakup Girl to the Rescue! and to fill us in on all the exciting opportunities that have come her way since launching in November 1997, the website that started it all.

Shower Gel. The Easy Way to Make It


You can make your own Bath and Body Works Liquid soap!

You will need:
1 Cup of Water
1 Tablespoon Glycerine Soap
1 Teaspoon Fragrance or Essential oil
1/8 Teaspoon Borax (20 Mule team)

The Great Geeks. Continued


The financial district requires communications and computer technology to keep the economy humming along. Putting the financial district back into running order required the people who know how to do it. Many companies had backup plans in place in case of catastrophic data losses, with the assistance of specialized firms such as SunGard. Barely two hours after the attacks, a carload of shaken, dust-covered employees of a shipping firm drove into SunGard’s parking lot.

The Great Geeks (Not All Heroes Are Firemen)


The September 11 attacks have given us all a new appreciation for heroism. As Peggy Noonan put it in the Wall Street Journal, we appreciate the manly men, the ones who rush into burning buildings, and who built the buildings in the first place. But there are another batch of heroes, not as visible, not as dramatic. I am speaking of the many businesses who gave what they had because it was all that they had.

Justice for All


As America continues its efforts to combat terrorism, one must wonder what will happen when we finally catch Osama bin Laden? (Note that I wrote “when” not “if,” for I remain confident in our President’s leadership and our military’s quest to fight the terrorists who have attacked our land.)

President Bush suggested that a military tribunal is appropriate considering the magnitude of the charges and because the “suspect” is not a citizen of the United States. Tribunals are very straightforward and are used for those accused of war crimes. The proceedings are handled by the military and are kept secret, an aspect which inflames many in the media who feel the need to know anything and everything at all times.



MD Imaging offers safe, non-invasive ultrasound
imaging which uses high-frequency sound waves to
create images. Ultrasound procedures are radiation
free and without harmful side effects.
Modern obstetric medicine relies heavily on
ultrasound to provide detailed images of the fetus
and uterus. Additionally, our Registered Sonographers
utilize ultrasound technology to image other areas of

the body, including:
• Vascular Doppler
• Abdominal
• Pelvis
• Breast
Our Ultrasound services are fully accredited by the
American College of Radiology.
The Sonographer will apply a warm gel to the area
of your body being scanned. Then, using a small
handheld instrument, images are created and
displayed on a monitor.
When you make your appointment, we will make sure
you understand when to arrive, the type of exam, how
long it should take and what, if any, preparations you
need to make.