Learn New Skills


Achieving new goals often requires learning new skills. You may need to learn some new skills and become proficient with them in order to reach your weight-loss goals. For example, you may need to improve the nutritional quality of your diet and eat fewer calories. This requires knowledge and skills in many areas: dietary balance, slowing eating, eating out, dealing with pressures from others to eat, etc. The casual weekend runner may set a new goal of participating in a local 10-kilometer run next summer. Many books and video tapes are available on this topic that will help the runner obtain the necessary skills to complete the run safely. A monthly running magazine could offer additional tips. Talking with runners who have competed in the past is another great way to develop the necessary skills for success.

Lose Those Love Handles


What is one of fat’s favorite vacation spots on the body? The sides of the waist – those soft flabby areas affectionately known as “love handles.”

The muscles underlying the love handles are known as the obliques. When this area appears out of shape, it’s logical to assume the oblique and abdominal muscles need exercise in order to become firm. But be careful. The obliques are generally easy to build up. This may be the one muscle group which can indeed get too big – if they become too muscular, the waist will look wider.

How to Recognize a Fad Diet


Fad diets and weight loss plans are everywhere and all of them have something in common. They promise they have the solution for your weight loss problems. Actually not too many fad diets have any true benefit when it pertains to losing fat and some can be bad for your health or even harmful.