Adorn Your Body


Western women buy sexy lingerie, put it on when they’re feeling seductive, and take it off far too soon — to the point where getting naked can feel like getting down to business. In the tropics, women leave their flowers, ankle bracelets, and toe rings on, and sometimes their sarongs too. A wispy piece of clothing, an adornment or two, can make you feel freer and sexier than wearing nothing at all.

“I once saw a stunning photo in a gallery of a woman wearing sheer black stockings, elbow-length black gloves, a strand of pearls, and nothing else. Years later I convinced my finance to pose like that for me and let me take her picture. Though almost completely naked, she projected erotic power, not vulnerability.

On our honeymoon in Hawaii, she let me photograph her in our room posed suggestively behind a large potted banana palm, naked except for a lei and a hibiscus flower behind her ear. Again she held the power, but in a different way: She was Eve in the garden, without the snake or the apple — lush, inviting, promising intense pleasure, not eventual punishment”.

“My husband and I spent three weeks in Bali, where the men wear sarongs. He started wearing one, and we both came home with the sarong habit. I love it when he wears his around our bedroom. I can reach inside the fold of the cloth and touch his genitals. When I’m turning him on, it’s very obvious. A man in a sarong is hot”.

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