The Great Geeks. Continued


The financial district requires communications and computer technology to keep the economy humming along. Putting the financial district back into running order required the people who know how to do it. Many companies had backup plans in place in case of catastrophic data losses, with the assistance of specialized firms such as SunGard. Barely two hours after the attacks, a carload of shaken, dust-covered employees of a shipping firm drove into SunGard’s parking lot.

The Great Geeks (Not All Heroes Are Firemen)


The September 11 attacks have given us all a new appreciation for heroism. As Peggy Noonan put it in the Wall Street Journal, we appreciate the manly men, the ones who rush into burning buildings, and who built the buildings in the first place. But there are another batch of heroes, not as visible, not as dramatic. I am speaking of the many businesses who gave what they had because it was all that they had.

How to Attract Women


I went to the show
I saw you up there
What you were singing I don’t know and I don’t really care
Causing my cranial cortex to cringe
Left brain forces the right brain to sing
I’m in a cubist state of mind
Look and soon you will find
Soon you’ll be in a cubist state of mind
I answered the phone
You were loud and clear
What you were saying I don’t know and I don’t really care (my head’s not really here)
Look in through your telescopic wide angle lens
You will see a little me at the other end
I’m waving my hands at you but I’m winking at your friends
And though your friends can’t see me
I can still pretend
I turned on my computer
Guess what I found
Again you were annoying me with those fake computer sounds
I’m in a cube
You took the doggie bag and left me the rine*
now your cube is in this box, my mind
Invaded with your music
It’s swimming in my brain

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